The Evolution of Kitchen Appliances over Time part 1

The Evolution of Kitchen Appliances over Time part 1
The Evolution of Kitchen Appliances over Time part 1

The Evolution of Kitchen Appliances over Time part 1

The kitchen is that the focus of the fashionable home. Its engineering has evolved over the last several thousand years. Though, a kitchen isn’t a kitchen if it isn’t filled with appliances.

Today’s kitchens have changed from even just 20 years ago. It looks like now we’ve an appliance for everything–from shelling hard-boiled eggs to mincing garlic. Kitchens are high tech within the 21st century. 

While we’re living, this technological innovation inside of modern-day kitchen appliances happened like all human innovation. That means that for every modern kitchen appliance, we can trace its origins back centuries through technological and even analog past.

Thanks to Home Advisor, seeing how common appliances evolved through history is a little easier. 

Our refrigerators are engineered pieces of tech vital to the fashionable day kitchen. Devices want to keep things cold go back centuries, but the fashionable day refrigerator began within the early 1900s as an icebox. These metal boxes were lined with a metal like tin and would then be loaded with a huge ice block that might melt because it kept the food in the box cold. 

These early ice boxes did the trick, but by around 1915, electric refrigerant style refrigerators began exposure in homes round the world. These early machines functioned on an equivalent principle that modern machines do, cooling through the utilization of a refrigerant. However, these early devices called degrees used a spread of toxic gases as refrigerants. That meant that if your refrigerant stopped running, you might too.
Cheesy jokes aside, manufacturers started using Freon in refrigerators near the end of WWII. You’ll notice that around the 1940s is when refrigerators took on their modern shape with doors–and not too much has changed since. 

Nowadays, refrigerators use tetrafluoroethylene to keep our food chilled.

Coffee Maker

The origins of coffee as a drink go back to the 15th century in Ethiopia and Yemen. These early drinkers would’ve muddled the beans with water and used the drink to remain awake. However, such a manual process would become unfavorable because the technological revolution made simple daily processes even easier. 

The first “machine” like appliance used for creating coffee was the percolator originating within the 1860s. This technique of coffee making evolved until in the 1920s, vacuum system machines were introduced and coffee makers incorporated pumps and filtering systems.

The groovy 1970s caused the invention of the Mr. Coffee branded coffee maker. While it may be today’s budget brand, Mr. Coffee machines were the first in-home drip brewing system for coffee. This invention helped to spread the popularity of coffee across industrialized populations.

Before the invention of the blender as an appliance in 1922, people used to have to break down and mix things by hand. Apart from being inconvenient, this process was practiced with mortar and pestles. Making a smoothie wasn’t a thing back then, at least in the lens of modern context. 

 This device iterated on the primary invention of the blender and made it accessible to the general public . 
Early blenders were basically just cups with spinning blades within the bottom, but modern blenders now have all the tech within the world. 

Industrial Revolution took over within the U.S., pressing your own fruit for juice by hand became so last century. By 1915, the primary mechanical fruit press was created, which led thanks to the Sunkist Juice Extractor, sold within the 1920s. This early juicer popularized the practice within the U.S.
Over the years, the main thing that changed about juicing machines was just how they extracted the liquid from the fruit. Early machines emulsified the fruit and filtered out the pulp. As time went on though, researchers discovered that these high-intensity machines could break down some of the beneficial nutrients from the fruits. 

Ah, the straightforward toaster... what proportion could that have changed over the years? 1909 was the primary year that a commercially successful toaster was sold, called the D-12 from GE. This toaster was one that surely would catch your house ablaze because it was essentially just heated exposed coils that you simply would set your bread in to toast. 

As time moved on and houses undoubtedly burned, many different companies iterated on the primary toaster design. By about the 1920s we started seeing toasters that were fully enclosed and far safer to use. 

Believe it or not, it wasn’t until Wonder Bread began selling pre-sliced bread loaves within the 1930s that the toaster rose to prominence as being a breakfast-making machine, consistent with Home Advisor.

So, friends this is part 1 will be back with part 2.
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